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In England, the queen Elisabeth I. was on the throne, in Bohemia king Rudolf II., ,
in France king Henri III. and the Krušovice brewery was part of the Czech Royal domain.


Guy Fawkes and his companions tried to detonate a gunpowder charge in Westminster Palace. In Krušovice, the quality of beer in the brewery was being proved by a wooden bench soaked with the beer. The brewer Mr. Simon had to sit on it, until it went dry. After that, if he stood up and his trousers stayed clinging to the bench, the beer was proven good!


The battle of Bila Hora.. The brewer Mr. Simon had to listen to the bubbling of the boiling cauldrons, and also to the roar of the war around. Various mercenaries then plundered the brewery, yet also spread the fame of the Krušovice beer. The Musketeer, the famous beer from Krušovice brewery, was born.


Cape Town was founded by the Dutch East India Company, and in England the steam heaters started to heat the hot-houses. In Krušovice, the brewer Mr. Votypka was the guarantor for all the filled kegs, until returned back empty by the pubkeepers.


Peter the Great became the Tzar of Russia. Mr. Vodicka became the new brewer of the Krušovice brewery. He was taken up with the beer to such an extent, that he dedicated all his life to it, and spent 24 blessed years in the brewery.
Three years later the brewery was sold to Arnost Josef of Valdstein, which meant great impact for its further growth.


Daniel Defoe published his novel called Robinson Crusoe In Krušovice, Mr. Kočí, the newly installed brewer takes proper care of the famous „Krušovice Dolls“. The „Doll“ in those days was the nickname for every eleventh and twelfth keg, that was given as a fringe benefit to the brewer‘s fellowship.


In London, the highest scientific award of the Royal Society - The Copley Medal - was for the first time granted to Stephen Gray. In Krušovice, after the death of Arnost Josef Valdstein, the decent heritage was granted to his daughter Mary Ann.


In England, the newly discovered dinosaur called Megalosaurus was presented to the public. In Krušovice, the brewer Mr. Stanek finished his service after two years only. He may have been disgusted for guaranties he had to take over all crashes he or his fellowship might have caused.


The new element, Aluminium, was refined and the first railway from Stockton to Darlington was opened. The Krušovice brewery was sold to the Furstenberg family, and Mr. Heger became the new brewer. He was rumoured to have the most rough managing methods ever – who did not fill his duties absolutely, he could not get a sip of beer for the whole week.


The Second French republic was over and London and Paris were linked with the submarine cable for telegraph lines. In Krušovice, Mr. Dania became the new brewer. He used to sleep with the barrels when his beer worked mature, to be sure that everything was in order.


The transport had its green-lights all over the world. The Suez Canal was opened and the transcontinental railroad was finished in America. In Krušovice, the brewery did not lag behind. The first steam engine was implemented, and malt house, driers, brewhouse, and cold storage were reconstructed.


The Velka pardubicka steeplechase was born. In Krušovice, Mr. Josef Hofweber became the new brewer. His dedication to the beer was however too self-destructive, and thus he was soon replaced by Mr. Jakub Rosch, who unfortunately disappeared under strange circumstances. It was rumoured that he had been kidnapped by the Swedes, who yearned for the beer famed in their folk songs for centuries.


Julius Richard Petri invented the Petri dish. Edison worked on the telephone and Neruda published his „Tales of the Lesser Town“. In Krušovice, two more brewers were kidnapped – Mr. Viktor Santa followed by Mr. Antonin Vanzat after less than a year – and after that the Swedish sovereigns had given up their useless efforts to brew their own royal beer.


The Carnegie Hall was opened in New York. In Prague-Holesovice, the Exhibition Grounds were opened, where the Second Centenial Bohemian Exhibition took place. Krušovice beer won the gold medal, to the pride of the owner, Duke Maxmilian Egon Furstenberg Sr., and the brewer, Mr. Frantisek Eisenhut Sr.


The beginning of the new century brought further innovations. Marconi crossed the Atlantic ocean with the radiotelegraphic line, and the Czech Philharmony Orchestragave its first autonomous concert. In Krušovice, the new brewer Mr. Josef Klimeš Jr. took the command. His fascination with progress of sciences and technologies brought vast many innovations through 27 years of his fruitful service.


Disneygave life to the most famous Mouse in history. Fleming gave the people the penicillin. In Krušovice, on average 45 900 hectoliters of beer were produced each year, and the brewery looked like a modern industrial company. Mr. Josef Eminger, a finicky enthusiast, became the new brewer.


The airship Hindenburgcrashed, and the Oscar award went to Walt Disney‘s fairy tale „The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“. In Krušovice, Mr. Milan Storzer, the brewer, left his post after five years of service. However his affection for the beer has never left him.


The end of the WWII brought also the end of the service of Mr. Hanus Landspersky, the evangelist, who even despite to hardships of the war managed to brew an excellent beer.


The UN Assembly approved the General Declaration of Human Rights. In Krušovice, the brewery was nationalized. Mr. Josef Tomanek became the new brewer. He more than a brewer was an undervalued poet, who during his pastime composed romantic poetry about the Krušovice beer, and his recitations amused the patrons of pubs in the neighbourhood.


Asimov published his anthology called „Me, Robot“, and in Marseille, the unknown criminals returned the stollen jewellery and precious stones valued up to 150 million francs. In Krušovice, Mr. Jiri Bitner, the new brewer, came to guard the mystery of the Krušovice beer for the following 2 years.


Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest. In Krušovice, the new brewer Mr. Bohumil Rapek decided to deliver the outstanding qualities of his beer to more people than ever before. The average annual production under his command grew to 94 300 hls.


The world came under modernization. The first transatlatic telephone cable was laid, the byte appeared, the first mobile phone was produced, and the Czech scientist Otto Wichterle invented contact lenses. In Krušovice, the brewery did not lag behind. The new boiler-room was put in operation, and refrigeration was modernized.


The global fashion was dominated by blue jeans, the Czechoslovak cinemas were dominated by a fairy-tale movie called The Three Nuts for Cinderella. In Krušovice, the new brewer Josef Bernard came to the office. Under his careful supervision, the wooden vessels in fermentation rooms and cellars were completely replaced with steel vats and tanks.


The world population exceeded 5 billion and the Krušovice brewery was prepared to meet the challenge with the average annual production of 250 000 hls. The brewer, Mr. Vaclav Koub, dedicated his four-year term to steadily growing reputation of the Krušovice beer.


The singer Adele was born and Jack Steinberger won his Nobel prize for physics. In Krušovice, the brewer Mr. Frantisek Masa, would have also won his Nobel, if only the special category for beer brewing had already been established.


The year of the Velvet Revolution. The Simpsons appeared on TV and the first Love Parade took place in Berlin. In Krušovice, the brewer Mr. Jan Suran had to painfully leave his post under the new political orders, despite his indisputable affection for the brewery.


The Hubble Space Telescope was launched into orbit. In Krušovice, for the first time ever, a lady took command. Ms Alena Mildorfova became the new brewer and she cared for the production with the real womanlike tenderness and motherly love.


Aerobic gymnastics became eventually a member of the International Gymnastics Federation. In Krušovice, the brewery was purchased by Dr. Oetker company, that made the strategic decision to follow up with the Emperor Rudolf II. heritage, and thus renamed the brewery to the Royal Krusovice Brewery.


The Google search engine was launched, and the old archives of the Inquisition were revealed. In Krušovice, the vast investment exceeding 2 billion CZK transformed the brewery into the leading plant in the industry. The annual production climbed over 1 million hls. And the newly installed brewer, Mr. Lukanco Trifincofski, followed the new trend.


The world came under the rule of the economic crisis, while the US came under the rule of the first afro-american president. In Krušovice, the brewery was purchased by Heineken, one of the world leading beer-brewing groups. The newly installed brewer, Mr. Tomas Kosmak, ran his production with the awareness, that the new owner strictly insisted that – despite the sheer resemblance – the beer-foam has nothing to do with the whipping-cream of Dr. Oetker.


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